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Off Campus Consulting provides a complete guide to student Visa Application, immigration processing, foreign institution scholarship programs, and study abroad programs offered by international universities. We have professional and trained counselors with a winning track record.
If you are interested in study abroad then contact us to get information about the visa process, admission criteria, scholarship programs, entry criteria, and the foreign universities offering your desired program

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Study in Canada

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Study in Finland

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Study in USA

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Study in Denmak

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Study in Sweden

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Study in UK

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Study in Switzerland

Opera House, Sydney Australia

Study in Australia

Work Process

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Meet our highly trained team for free guidance, counselling and submission of your application on the spot. Once you have submitted your application, you can book your next appointment with the University’s Admission Team on their next visit or through conference calls at the Off Campus Consulting Office.

Prepare For Departure

Get off the plane feeling confident and ready for the adventures ahead with our pre-departure support.

Student Visa Assistance

We’ll step you through the application process and help you prepare the right documents for your visa submission.

Course Advice

We can help with personal course advice that is tailored to you.


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